on: The Conscious Student

The conscious student is one who is aware of their purpose as it relates to learning and is present in their journey of acquiring knowledge. It is an individual within every man whether you be a freshman in college or seasoned in your career. Everyone is essentially a part of The School of Life. This… Continue reading on: The Conscious Student


Review: Las Cruces

Event: Las Cruces Presented by: Premiere Stages Playwright: Vincent Delaney Directed by: John J. Wooten Date and time : Sat, Sept. 3 2016 at 3:00pm Location: Zella Fry Theatre Seating arrangement: General Admission Ticket Price: $15 (I received two complimentary tickets)   Ticket presentation review: 10/10 Everything was clear and concise!   The play is… Continue reading Review: Las Cruces

FASHION: “Every Spoil is a Style”

I know I've been quite inactive on the blog lately but that's only because I've been lacking motivation to write. Please, I had four papers to write in five weeks. Nevertheless, ya girl came through. This month's feature is on fashion. I recently sat down with a young, budding entrepreneur who has a very interesting… Continue reading FASHION: “Every Spoil is a Style”

MOTHERTONGUE AND MASTERTONGUE: Understanding the vernacular of Guyanese Creolese

If you're unfamiliar with me, I am of Guyanese descent. I know, where in the world is Guyana anyway? Most people take a wild, incorrect guess. Africa? Asia? The conversation ignites with "Tell me!" It is then followed by, "What's your first language?" Because obviously, I am not currently speaking fluent English to you right… Continue reading MOTHERTONGUE AND MASTERTONGUE: Understanding the vernacular of Guyanese Creolese