Review: Las Cruces

Event: Las Cruces

Presented by: Premiere Stages

Playwright: Vincent Delaney

Directed by: John J. Wooten

Date and time : Sat, Sept. 3 2016 at 3:00pm

Location: Zella Fry Theatre

Seating arrangement: General Admission

Ticket Price: $15 (I received two complimentary tickets)


Ticket presentation review: 10/10

Everything was clear and concise!

image (12)


The play is based on a story of a couple who is experiencing a very traumatic and life changing period. This is as a result of their son who committed a homicide at his school and also killed himself in the process. The prominent theme is ‘uncertainty of what the future holds’.  After the shooting, Sheridan, the father, flees to the desert of Las Cruces, New Mexico to avoid the pressures of remorse. There, he is able to develop a strange relationship with the granddaughter of the woman from whom he is renting a trailer. Soledad, his new friend, is portrayed as a son like character who is aggressive and spontaneous to fill the void for the one he lost. We can sometimes see that her giddy, easy go lucky character lightens the atmosphere of tragedy. However, she suffers from her own trauma. Her parents left her in a small town located at the southern tip of New Mexico at a very young age. Despite her emotional hurt, she helps Jane, the mother, overcome the feeling of guilt for ineffective parenting skills. The story unfolds with a tone of mystery from the numerous mentions of ‘space ships’ or wondering if Soledad was actually a real character. Regardless of their background, each character had la cruce (a cross) to carry. Some preferred to run and hide from the consequences while others chose to live with it.

Plot review: 10/10

It is a very interesting because every line has a deeper meaning.

image (16)

Setting and props: 9/10

The trailer was great but it was on set for all of the play. I understood that the theater is compact but it kinda bugged me that it was there all the time. However, the stage director made up for it with the perfect usage of lighting and sound effects. And since we were so close to the stage, there was a sense of realism.


Character execution: 10/10

Soledad was my favorite, of course…After she said, “I make your entire life a question mark”, I was taken!

Overall review: 9.5/10



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